Veriduna vision und werte

About us and what distinguishes us?

As a highly customer-oriented and innovative trust company, we have enjoyed our customers full confidence for years.

By concentrating on our core competency in the support of SMBs, the use of most recent tools, standardized processes and high level educated employees, we have gained an excellent name and a good market position. We make trust better. Our vision and values

Your contact person

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Fabian Imwinkelried

Partner, Managing Director

MB Bild 1

Markus Brechbühl


PS Bild 1

Patrick Schärer


FLO Bild 1

Felix L'Orange

Member of the Board

NW Bild 1

Nina Wenk

Account Manager

TB Bild 1

Tristan Birri

Account Manager

KS Bild 1

Kevin Steiner

Account Manager

BB Bild 1

Max Brechbühl

Account Manager

AP Bild 1

Alfa Poloni

Head Administration

AZ Bild 1

Adrian Zbinden

Accounting Clerk

CS Bild 1

Claudia Schmidli

Accounting clerk

ME Bild 1

Mike Eichmüller

Accounting Clerk

CR Bild 1

Cécile Reber

Accounting clerk

JU Bild 1

Joel Utiger



Sandro Reber

Accounting clerk